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La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! ALTECO USDA Organic Premium Blend Single Dose Espresso Coffee Capsules

La Reserva de ¡TIERRA! Alteco is a premium blend of high grade Arabica and Robusta qualities from Central, South America and Africa, coming from superior coffee plantations that practice organic farming. A perfect balance between notes of honey, dried fruits, chocolate finish, full body and an intense taste. Thanks to a dedicated roasting method, coffee aromas are preserved and enhanced. In order to maintain the perfect taste consistency, the blend may contain Indian coffee, depending on the annual characteristics of the harvest.

  • Taste: Balanced
  • 60% Arabica/ 40% Robusta
  • Origins: Mountains in Central America, South America and Africa
  • Roasting: Slow and “gentle” traditional drum roasting

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