Meet the new Expert for your Coffee


Meet the new Expert for your Coffee

Classy Plus Machine with Coffee

From our team, to yours

Create a bespoke subscription for your team:
Classy Plus Machine with Coffee
Tailored For You
Together, we’ll design a bespoke package that suits your team to a tee. All we need to know is how you like it, how much you consume. That’s all we need to know for your perfect package.
Choose a Frequency
Tell us when to send coffee. Every week, month… any frequency at all! We’ll email 72 hours before deliveries, so you can skip or pause orders.
Endless Flexibility
Change of plan? Change your plan. Want a different coffee, or delivery frequency? Whatever it is, you can do it on your account page.
Expert Coffee Machines

Everything you need to start the day

Expert Coffee Subscription

The best brewed coffee at the office

Expert Espresso Capsules

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Expert Drip Coffee Capsules

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Expert Roast and Ground Bags

Explore our Roast and Ground Coffee

Expert machines provide the prefect blend every time.

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